Bahrain Bourse and BIBF Collaborate to promote Trading Skills

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Bahrain Bourse, in cooperation with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) launched a new Trading Course at the Trading Floor today to enhance the skills of Investing and Trading among Bahrainis. Both the BIBF and BHB will launch joint initiatives promoting trading skills among School children, University students, Bankers and everyone who wishes to learn the skillfulness of trading professionally.

Bahrain Bourse will facilitate the BIBF Dealing room courses to its stakeholders, while the BIBF will offer current simulation programmes to meet dynamic market requirements through market surveys and focus group discussions.

The BIBF will support BHB in addressing training needs of staff in Capital Markets with programmes like “Securities Market Regulation Certification” – Based on Series 79.

The programme is a unique simulation training course called “Trading and Financial Analysis” to improve the practical skills and knowledge of trading equities, commodities and FX. This initiative is endorsed by Bahrain Bourse to promote trading skills amongst graduates, employed professionals and retirees.

The Programme is composed of three phases and phase one is scheduled to start on the 2nd of April at the Dealing room of the BIBF. Phase one will cover global market trends, technical analysis and execution strategies of equity markets, commodities and FX markets along with trading psychology.

Phase two is conducted in London, UK and candidates have the option of either joining a live trading room through an online portal or physically attending lectures with the BIBF’s strategic partner Amplify Trading (UK) to continue developing advanced trading practices.

Upon successful completion of phase two, the successful candidates will move on to the live markets with a fully funded account of $22,000, where they will put their skills to test. The participants will share profits at the ratio of 60:40 with Amplify Trading who will allocate the funds.

On this occasion, Bahrain Bourse’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa said that the signing of the mutual cooperation agreement comes as a result of our belief in BIBF’s capabilities and vast experience of BIBF locally and internationally in the field of education and professional training related to the banking and the capital markets sector, as well as BIBF’s belief in the importance of BHB and its role in spreading investment awareness and the concept of saving. “As a result of this agreement, a specialized educational platform of investing in financial markets will be launched. The platform will encompass awareness programs to address the needs of all ages of citizens and will open up doors to cooperate in various areas between BHB and BIBF during the upcoming period. We hope that a large segment of citizens benefit from the educational opportunities that the platform will provide to enhance their investment awareness and develop their skills in dealing at bourses and capital markets,” he said.

Shaikh Khalifa said that BHB is keen to cooperate with all related institutions in the capital markets sector in order to develop the sector and enhance its competitiveness to attract investments, and provide more services and options for issuers of securities, investors, and other related parties in a way that will support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s economy and contribute to its prosperity.

The Director of the BIBF, Ms. Solveig Nicklos, said “We see this initiative between the BIBF and BHB a further enhancement to the skill-set required in Capital Markets. The approach we are taking is a holistic one where we are taking steps to boost required skills from an early stage starting with schools and move upwards to train professionals at the same time.”

The BIBF’s Head of Banking, Accounting and Finance Mr. Deen Jayah, added “I am delighted to launch this new training initiative in partnership with BHB along with our global partner Amplify Trading, UK, to enhance the skills of Trading equities, commodities and FX. The participants will be able to learn new skills and trade with actual funds, while sharing profits, giving them real life exposure. This is an excellent opportunity to those who aspire to learn trading professionally.”