BIBF – Bahrain Bourse Investment Academy

The Investment Academy is created as a joint initiative of BIBF – BHB to promote training programs to support the Capital Market in Bahrain. The initiatives that are listed under this initiative not only target professional staff from the Financial Services sector but includes Schools and Universities to promote learning from an early stage into investments.

Bahrain Bourse is a self-regulated multi-asset marketplace. Bahrain Bourse aims to offer to its investors, issuers, and intermediaries a comprehensive suite of exchange-related facilities including offering listing, trading, settlement, and depositary services for various financial instruments.

Bahrain Bourse’s mission is to contribute to the national economy by offering a dedicated, reliable & efficient capital markets platform. In order to have an efficient capital market, the involvement of local Bahraini traders with a high level of technical analysis understanding and trading skills is vital.

Bahrain Bourse (BHB) and the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) signed a mutual cooperation agreement in March 2017 to enhance the knowledge of nationals in Investing and Trading skills in multiple asset classes to promote learning.

As a first step, the BIBF with its strategic partner Amplify Trading (UK) is launching a unique simulation programme titled “Trading and Financial Analysis” to improve the practical skills and knowledge of trading equities, commodities and FX. This initiative is endorsed by BHB to promote trading skills amongst graduates, employed professionals and retirees.

The Programme is composed of three phases and phase one is scheduled to start in July 2017 at the Dealing room of the BIBF. Phase one will cover global market trends, technical analysis and execution strategies of equity markets, commodities and FX markets along with trading psychology.

Phase two is conducted in London, UK and candidates have the option of either joining a live trading room through an online portal or physically attending lectures with Amplify Trading (UK) to continue developing advanced trading practices.

Upon successful completion of phase two, the successful candidates will move on to the live markets with a fully funded account of $22,000, where they will put their skills to test. The participants will share profits at the ratio of 60:40 with Amplify Trading who will allocate the funds.

The Investment Academy will facilitate bringing all BIBF Capital Market open courses and CBB regulated certification courses such as Investment Representative Programme (Based on Series 7) and Capital Market Regulatory Certification Program (Based on Series 79) along with Dealing room simulation courses to its stakeholders, to meet dynamic market requirements by offering skills relating to Capital Markets, Trading and Portfolio building, Fixed income management, Bank management, ALM and Risk Management.