The BIBF kicks off ‘Mutamahin’ with CFA Society Bahrain

The BIBF kicks off ‘Mutamahin’ with CFA Society Bahrain

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), in collaboration with CFA Society Bahrain, organised an outdoor team-building event, for its ‘Mutamahin’ programme candidates, with a main aim of cultivating a cultural transformation for workplace readiness.

The team-building programme is an interactive event that aims to develop human capital through various activities, to enhance fresh university graduates’ performance, skills and capabilities. The programme is designed to integrate specific work-based challenges and goals into thought-provoking interactive activities.

‘Mutamahin’ is a graduate training programme hosted by the CFA Society Bahrain, to provide candidates (students in their last year or recently graduated) with high-value training in areas that are not typically covered by a university curriculum, but are nonetheless necessary for the job market.

Recently, the BIBF has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CFA Society Bahrain, to provide training and development opportunities to young graduates and develop their employability skills.

The participants performed tasks that aimed to enhance their skills in communication, problem-solving, sharing ideas, and working effectively within teams. The teams had to complete sets of physical and intellectual tasks where they had to go through the various stages of team development.

Commenting on this occasion, Director of the BIBF, Dr. Ahmed Abdulhameed Al Shaikh said, “Experiential activities performed as a group are an invaluable tool in trying to create or strengthen a team. Organisations that realise this are often the ones that achieve a higher degree of success. The BIBF offers a variety of activities that are designed to address common workplace challenges. They range from foundational energiser type activities to more complex critical thinking challenges.”

President of the CFA Society Bahrain, Mr. Mahmoud Nawar stated, “Mutamahin Programme, an initiative by CFA Society Bahrain falls perfectly under a long term vision of producing a new ethical, dedicated and seasoned generation of investment experts in Bahrain. We would like to thank BIBF for their continued support for the Society’s programmes by provide training and development opportunities to young graduates which has been always cornerstone of its programs’ success over the past years.”

Programme Committee Chair of CFA Society Bahrain, Mr. Ayman Al Basri commented, “CFA Society Bahrain has developed the flagship initiative “Mutamahin” over the last four years. The programmes aim to bridge the gap between fresh graduates and employers by providing the candidates with a one of a kind opportunity to acquire a mix of needed soft and hard skills for the jumpstart of their career.”

The BIBF focuses on human capital development through various programmes on offer, with the objective of enhancing performance of staff and supporting them to enhance their skills and capabilities through classroom-based and interactive programme structures.