Ahmed Hamad Al wuhosh

LLOC – Legislation & Legal Opinion Commission

  • As a govt. entity, we are shifting groups, since we don’t have enough budget to cope with technology so shifting from data system computers to cloud will help alot, its easy access and to cut cost, the reliably maintains of data centers. Shifting to AWS will reduce costs, high availability to data. People can start working from home, the cloud is always up and running. We won’t need to worry about down time, because once it’s down the business stops. This is one of our main goals is to afford high availability environment always to our customers and employee’s.

Noora albalushi

BQA – Education & Training Quality Authority

  • So far AWS is the best service we’ve noticed, this course was very beneficial, I think it has the best opportunities with services, providing new features and numerous services. The two main elements that are the most important is the service is on demand and the security aspects are very high.

Sayed Adnan Ali


  • This program was Intensive, it provided deep knowledge about amazon cloud computing. Including both theoretical & practical knowledge to enable us to start implementing AWS services, for main govt. directives to go for cloud services, This system is important for reducing costs, less resources , scalability to deal with traffic & pressure of services, with this service you just need to pay for your needs and demands only instead of paying all year long.