Monday, 26 February 2024

Location: BIBF, Bahrain Bay

Hybrid Event (Physical & Virtual)

Open to All

About the Forum

Welcome to the National Real Estate Forum, where innovation meets boundless opportunities.

Hosted by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in partnership with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), and powered by Diyar Al Muharraq, the National Real Estate Forum is a premier event dedicated to exploring the future of the real estate industry.

Set against the backdrop of Bahrain Bay, the second edition of the National Real Estate Forum is scheduled to take place on Monday, 26 February 2024, at the BIBF Auditorium.

Under the main theme, "Innovating Real Estate Beyond Boundaries", this one-day event will bring together industry experts to delve into emerging topics, complemented by an expo showcasing the latest developments in the field. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an inquisitive enthusiast, this event promises a unique experience tailored to all intrigued by the dynamic realm of real estate.


Following the success of the first National Real Estate Forum, we are pleased to partner yet again with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance and Diyar AlMuharraq, to hold the 2nd edition of the NREF. As part of RERA's vision to make Bahrain the premier destination for real estate investment both regionally and globally, the forum comes as a reinforcement of this objective and we look forward to promoting more initiatives that uncover key opportunities, to achieve prosperity in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa
Chief Executive Officer, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

We at Diyar AlMuharraq, are thrilled to extend our support to the upcoming National Real Estate Forum under the patronage of RERA and organised by the BIBF (Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance) for the second year running. With a strong dedication to corporate social responsibility, Diyar aligns its operational framework with a vision to foster a sustainable future for its residents and the entire Kingdom of Bahrain. Through various initiatives, we aim to promote the overall development of future generations, underscoring our dedication to fostering sustainable development, innovation, and excellence in the real estate landscape of the Kingdom of Bahrain. By actively contributing to the forum, Diyar aims to inspire and empower future generations to shape a prosperous and sustainable future for the real estate industry and the Kingdom as a whole.

Eng. Ahmed Ali Alammadi
Chief Executive Officer, Diyar Al Muharraq

The BIBF continues to support the real estate sector in coordination with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and Diyar AlMuharraq, through this forum which serves as a knowledge sharing platform, and we are very pleased to host yet another real estate forum at the BIBF. At the core of our objectives is the development of individuals and enterprises within the sector, inspiring innovative solutions and supporting the achievement of national strategies. Moreover, we look forward to facilitating a platform where key stakeholders, industry experts, and thought leaders can come together to exchange insights, explore emerging trends, and collectively work towards the growth and progress of the real estate sector in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh
Chief Executive Officer, Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF)