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BIBF-AAOIFI e-Learning Project

The BIBF-AAOIFI e-Learning project aims to convert AAOIFI standards for delivery online with special explanatory support including assessments, interactive explanations, notes, Fatwas and case studies for each standard. This project is being developed through an exclusive global partnership with AAOIFI and in keeping with the best professional qualifications.

About BIBF

BIBF is a non-profit training organization established under the Specific Council for Vocational Training in 1981. The institute is the leading provider of training, education and professional development for the MENA financial industry. BIBF conducts training in over 60 countries and trains over 20,000+ participants per year. BIBF is chaired by the Governor of the Central Bank of Bahrain and board members comprise of CEOs from financial institutions. BIBF has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by the National Authority of Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training. BIBF is the only institute in Bahrain that has a fully-functional quality assurance center, which was launched in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Agency in the UK.

BIBF Islamic Finance Centre

BIBF has a rich heritage of Islamic Finance training and education since 1997. The Islamic Finance center has trained over 10,000 professionals and students since its inception. The faculty consists of experienced academics and professionals. The Islamic Finance center is also the only international training institute that is partnered exclusively with both AAOIFI and IFSB. The center also boasts privileged access to both internal experts comprising of academics and practitioners as well as a global pool of Islamic finance experts, including Shari’ah scholars, bankers, and regulators, among others. The center’s ADIF program is the oldest Islamic finance qualification in the world having been launched in 2002.


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