Under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the BBK in collaboration with Bahrain Institute for Banking & Finance (BIBF) has organized a two-day forum entitled BBK Digital Economy Forum & Expo, introducing an innovative platform about the importance of digital transformation to revolutionize the economy.


Today's economies thrive on Data which has now become the key to unlocking the potential of Digital Transformation.

This dynamic revolution in information-driven transactions has had a significant impact on economies worldwide, disrupting entire processes leading to a revolution in the way systems are perceived.

Digital transformation has become a vital part of any financial ecosystem, and no market can afford to ignore this revolution. Enterprises are increasing introducing initiatives to digitalize operations, empower employees, improve productivity, and engage customers. These initiatives are laying the groundwork for innovation in various business models and deriving new revenue streams through digital products and services.

With the aid of emerging technologies, The BBK Digital Economy Forum & Expo provides an influential platform of expert opinions, informed discussions and valuable insight for an audience from various sectors.

Key discussions will investigate how the economy can benefit from the growth potential of the digital revolution of today, and its impact on the national economy: not just through survival, but further development and progress.

After the astounding success of BBK's EmTech Summit & Expo in 2018, The BBK Digital Economy Forum & Expo will shed light on major factors of success in this digital age.

This evolving age rapidly changes with the introduction of new technologies into the market. BBK Adapts to these infrastructural fluctuations, focusing on customer technological trends. The birth of data controlling the economy has been spread across the globe and survival without digital transformation is slim. BBK continues to thrive on this potential advancement because the future is digital.


  • Leadership & Culture
  • Innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Jobs of the Future
  • Women in Technology
  • Startups

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