Under the Patronage of the
Central Bank of Bahrain

Cyber Security Forum & Expo

16th - 18th May 2017



About the Event

The Cyber Security Forum and Expo is organised by the BIBF and considered as the first annual national event dedicated to Cyber Security. The event will run for three days starting from 16th of May until 18th of May 2017.
By collaborating with international leading experts, this initiative aims to bring in the best international professionals in the field of Cyber Security in order to provide interactive learning workshops and training sessions in addition to exhibiting the latest relevant technological trends.

Why Cyber Security?

Having the right Cyber Security controls in place is now a priority for many organisations in order to protect their most valuable assets “i.e. their data and information”. Accordingly, there is a critical need to be equipped with the
latest knowledge and trends to learn the know-how of managing Cyber Security risks and defeating cyber threats. The BIBF introduces the Cyber Security Forum and Expo to ensure that human capital is capable of taking precautions to avoid cyber-attacks within organisations in all sectors.

Meet the Expert Speakers

Tony Chew

Chief Security Architect - V-KEY (Singapore)

Andreas van Leeuwen

Security Consultant - Infocyte (US)

William Egerton LVO

Chief Strategy Officer - Vauban Cyber Technologies (UK)

Chris Brown

Security Solutions Consultant - Digital Shadows (UK)

Charles Kennedy

Cyber Security Advisor - Cyber Algorithmic (US)

Mohamed Omar

Principal Consultant - Wombat Security Technologies (US)

Hakem Isa

Cyber Security Advisor at IBM

Michal Jarski

Vice President EMEA & Asia - Wheel Systems (Poland)

Sam Mulholland

Managing Director of Standby Consulting (New Zealand)

Hadyah Fathalla

Executive Director - C5 Accelerate (Bahrain)


  • Attackers are monitoring your digital footprint, are you?
  • Financial Regulation for Cyber Security
  • State of the Phish - a 360 Degree View
  • Privileged users - The Ultimate Information Security Challenge
  • Controlling your Banking and Payments Systems - Top Security Measures
  • Cyber Security is not Rocket Science
  • Cyber Security is not just an IT problem
  • How the UK tax department used the cloud to deliver secure online services (Learn from a Case Study)

Registration Fee

Two Days Forum (Day 1 & 2) BHD 250
One Training Workshop (Day 3) BHD 250
Full Event (Day 1 & 2 and one Training Workshop in Day 3) BHD 350



The event is organised under the theme of “Explore, Engage, Secure” as this event will provide participants with the opportunity to:


Explore the latest technologies in Cyber Security through the exhibition


Engage with international experts through the various training sessions and workshops


Secure business data and be prepared to defeat cyber threats

Event Structure

• Opening Ceremony
• Expert Panel Discussion: Why Cyber Security? Why Now? Why Here?
• Cyber Security Sessions: Various short awareness sessions to present the recent trending topics in Cyber Security
• Cyber Security Expo

• Cyber Security Sessions: Various short awareness sessions to present the recent trending topics in Cyber Security
• Expert Panel Discussion: Recommendations and Action Plan
• Cyber Security Expo

• Specialised Training Workshops: A one day long specialised training workshops to be attended by those who want to learn more in depth a specific aspect of Cyber Security


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