About Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF)

The BIBF is a semi-government training institute affiliated with the Central Bank of Bahrain, established in 1981. The Institute plays a vital role in the training and development of human capital in Bahrain, the wider Middle East, North Africa and beyond. The BIBF’s commitment to excellence has strengthened its position as the leading educational provider across all major business disciplines. The Institute serves as a partner to numerous world-class institutions; delivering Thought Leadership, Assessment and Training in the areas of Banking, Islamic Finance, Executive Development, Accounting & Finance, Academic Studies, Leadership & Management, Insurance, Digital Transformation and Project Management and Supply Chain Management; resulting in a complete business solution.

The BIBF qualifies over 20,000 learners a year across all major business disciplines and economic sectors. Since its establishment, it has provided training and development opportunities in 64 countries giving the institute a global footprint. The BIBF has delivered training to over 340,000 students in 64 countries since its inception in 1981.