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ADIF 2020

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Which of the following key stakeholders in Islamic corporate governance is unique to Islamic financial institutions?

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Unrestricted Investment Accounts (mudaraba mutlaqah deposits) are not considered a liability because:

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Islamic banking windows in conventional retail banks must observe all of the following, except:

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Ayman is planning to build a house through an Islamic bank. Which contract below will the Islamic bank most likely offer to Ayman?

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In order to increase the selling price of its product, a company placed fake purchase orders. The company later made use of these orders to boost their bargaining power on consumers, thus managing to get a higher selling price for the products. This can be categorized as which negative element?

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Below are the 4 stages of the prohibition of riba shown in the verses of the Holy Quran.

  1. (Al-Baqarah: 275-281) = Total prohibition of any excess above the capital in loan transaction
  2. (Al-Rum: 39) = Praising zakat and charity; riba deprived wealth of God’s blessing
  3. (Al-‘Imran: 130) = Prohibition of charging double and multiple rate of riba
  4. (Al-Nisa’: 161) = Insinuation that taking riba is a wrongful Jewish practice

Which is the correct order of when the verses came down to the Prophet SAW?

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Islamic Bank used this product to generate liquidity in order to meet shortage of funds. Under such an arrangement the Islamic bank will purchase a commodity/stock which is liquid in nature (such as metals sold from commodity exchange or shares) on credit from a financial institution. After taking delivery of the asset, the Islamic bank sells the commodity in the market at prevailing market price.

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The process where the Investment manager of an Islamic Investment fund segregates any non-compliance revenue is called:

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Which of the following is not considered as a Shari’ah restriction on “Core Business” while investing in equities?

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Which one of the following risks Islamic banks face in managing their balance sheet activities?

  1. Maturity mismatch Risk
  2. Interest rates mismatch Risk
  3. Exchange rate Mismatch Risk
  4. Equity market Risk
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This is a special LC whereby the Issuing Bank authorizes the Advising Bank to advance a portion of the value of the LC to the exporter before shipping documents are presented. This enables the exporter to purchase raw materials or to pay other costs before receiving the full payment, once conforming documents have been presented. Advances are made at the risk of the importer. Drawings under LC are made against a simple receipt from the exporter that they will refund the amount if they do not ship the goods as required. The importer's account is debited as soon as an advance has been made. Which type of LC is this?

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