Tim Shelton

Tim Shelton
Global Product Owner

Business change is difficult. Leading change requires a unique skillset and a motivated, determined and resilient character that can effectively gain support for a shared vision for the business. My job is to take complex change initiatives and break them down into organized, simple and manageable tasks that individuals and teams can embrace and understand the long term benefits to our business, our stakeholders and themselves.

In an era of increasing mobility, digitization, big data and smart technology, the opportunities for more effective and efficient ways of delivering large real estate projects are endless. I use my technical experience of delivering large mega-projects to define the vision and road-map towards optimal project delivery and work backwards to ensure change initiatives are put together in a way that best responds to the demands placed on the business and utilizes the best, most up-to-date tools available.

I thrive in environments that allow me to demonstrate my creative, managerial and leadership talents. I work alongside major CAPEX programme senior executives to lead change programs targeting enhanced and efficient asset delivery. This involves developing and implementing strategic frameworks that ensure alignment in skills, systems, staff, structure and style to generate increased returns for our business and investors.