The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) and Eskan Bank signed a strategic partnership to organise the Design Thinking Forum on Thursday, 18th January 2024, at the BIBF building in Bahrain Bay. This collaboration reinforces both parties' commitment to continuous innovation and sustainability, aligning with their vision for a forward-thinking financial sector.

The forum will bring together a diverse group of executives, industry experts and innovators from various sectors to share their unique experiences and insights, offering invaluable guidance on how to drive sustainable economic growth. These engagements aim to equip participants with the necessary tools and insights to embrace a design thinking mindset, enabling them to stay ahead of the digital curve in today's dynamic business environment. The event will also host executive and interactive sessions, and innovator-led discussions exploring the transformative potential of innovation.

  • 18 January 2024
  • BIBF, Bahrain Bay


  • Understanding the Design Thinking Drive
  • Exploring the Implications of Digital Innovation
  • Steering Design Thinking Towards a Sustainable Future

We are pleased to collaborate with the BIBF in organising this prestigious forum on design thinking. This initiative underscores our collective responsibility to drive innovation and contribute to the growth of the financial sector. Together, we aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable practices that will shape the future of our industry.

Dr. Khalid Abdulla
General Manager, Eskan Bank

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not a choice; it's a necessity. We are proud to partner with Eskan Bank, a leading innovator in the financial sector, to create a platform where industry leaders can converge, learn, and innovate-a catalyst for innovative solutions to drive business growth and contribute to the sustainable development of Bahrain's financial sector.

Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh
Chief Executive Officer, BIBF

By encouraging the adoption of a design thinking mindset, the forum aims to explore innovative solutions and strategies for sustainable business growth. Discussions will delve into Design thinking approaches and applications, both on local and global scales, showcasing how organisations can leverage them to their advantage.

Ms. Maryam Majed
Head of Digital Transformation & Project Management Centre, BIBF


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