Business Continuity

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Course Description

Information Technology disasters can strike without warning at any time crippling an organization's ability to not only do business, perhaps even communicate internally and externally. The most evident problem during any IT disaster is the break in core application and communication or ability to share important data. The company's internal network may be completely down, making it impossible for remote employees to access.

The course aims to identify the components required to build the IT disaster recovery plan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what IT disaster is.
  • Understand how to Bootstrapping the DR plan effort.
  • Developing and using Business impact analysis.
  • Mapping business functions to infrastructure.
  • Building technology recover plan.
  • Planning system, network and data recovery.
  • Writing the disaster recovery plan.
  • Testing the recovery plan.

Content Highlights

  • Understanding disaster recovery
  • Bootstrapping the DR plan effort
  • Developing and using Business impact analysis
  • Mapping business functions to infrastructure
  • Building technology recover plan
  • Planning system, network and data recovery
  • Writing the disaster recovery plan
  • Testing the recovery plan

Target Audience

CIOs, IT Senior Managers, IT Managers, IT Supervisors and IT Staff.


BIBF   : None
Other : None

Course Structure

This course includes lectures, group discussion and case studies. Participants are also expected to complete an additional 6 hours of self-study.

Assessment Type



Course Days: 3
Hours per day: 5
Self-study hours: 5
Others: N/A


  • 07-09 April 2019
  • 17-19 November 2019

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