Digital Banking

Introduction to Digital Banking

Course Description

This course introduces to the participants the fundamentals of Digital Banking. This non-technical, business-focused course will cover why Digital Banking is important to the growth and profitability of banks, real-life case studies of banks around the world that embarked on digital transformation programs and what can participants do to kick-off the digital banking initiatives in their banks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what is meant by Digital Banking
  • Understand the cause of disruption to the banking industry
  • Understand the new competitive landscape banks are facing
  • Evaluating challenges and opportunities in the Digital Era
  • Understand FinTechs and their relationship with banks
  • Understand what other banks are doing to become more digital
  • Articulating the business case of undertaking digital transformation program
  • Develop and communicate Digital Banking roadmap for your bank

Content Highlights

  • Introduction to Digital Banking
  • Introduction to FinTech and how banks deal with them
  • Digital Banking examples and case studies around the work
  • Group-based exercises that will provide you with knowledge and templates to kick-off your digital banking initiatives

Target Audience

  • Managers responsible for business growth
  • Managers responsible for strategic planning
  • Manager responsible for customers experiences
  • Managers of support functions that are responsible for enabling business objectives


BIBF   : None
Other : None

Course Structure

This course includes lectures, group discussion and case studies.

Assessment Type



Course Days: 3
Hours per day: 5
Self-study hours: N/A
Others: N/A


03-05 February 2019
03-05 September 2019

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