Track 1: Kick-Start Your Technovation Journey

Module 2: Digital Trends & Technology Stack

This Module aims to enable participants to understand and explore the different Digital Trends and get insights on the current Technology Landscape. This shall expand participants' horizon on the potential technologies that can be utilized for their Technovations and the possible impacts of the explored technologies.

By the end of this Module, participants shall gain an understanding of:

  • The current technology landscape;
  • Latest technological trends;
  • Key technologies that are available for Technoprenures; be able to define these technologies and understand how do they work (on a high level).
  • How can a Non-Tech Founder choose the Teck-Stack?
  • The landscape of Tools in the Industry

3 Days (24 Hours)

  • Big Data & Cloud (1 Day, 8 Hours)
  • AI & IoT (1 Day, 8 Hours)
  • FinTech & Blockchain (1 Day, 8 Hours)

BIBF's Digital Transformation Academy