Business Continuity

Business Impact Analysis for an Effective IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Course Description

The difficulty for any IT disaster recovery plan for business continuity management project is the development of a solid Business Impact Analysis program. Without one, the entire IT disaster recovery effort can be placed in difficulty.

Success for any IT disaster recovery plan project is subject on gaining a thorough understanding of the IT in an organization. This course will take the participants through the steps required to develop a complete understanding of the Business Impact Analysis process, and the critical steps required to thoroughly understand the nature and requirements of the IT in an organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain what is a Business Impact Analysis.
  • Understand the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process.
  • Understand how to structure the BIA for IT.
  • Understand how to apply the methods to conduct a BIA.
  • Understand how to develop the IT disaster recovery from the BIA information.

Content Highlights

  • Introduction of BIA and IT disaster recovery.
  • BIA Process.
  • BIA Methods.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • BIA Design.

Target Audience

IT Managers, Business Continuity Managers, IT Disaster Managers


BIBF   : None
Other : None

Course Structure

This course includes lectures, group discussion and case studies. Additional self-study hours of approximately 3 hours are also expected.

Assessment Type



Course Days: 2
Hours per day: 5
Self-study hours: 3
Others: N/A



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