William Egerton LVO
Chief Strategy Officer
Vauban Cyber Technologies (UK)

William is the Chief Strategy Officer at Vauban Cyber Technologies. He supported a number of major defence primes in their transition to the civilian and military cyber markets, including BAE Systems, Thales, General Dynamics, Raytheon as well as a number of UK Government entities. William is consulted as a thought leader for the creation of credible UK cyber offerings. William worked with the UK Government on development of UK Information Assurance and Cyber Strategies from 2004 – 2010.


Cyber Security is not Rocket Science

The session will cover:

  • Cyber-crime Statistics and the dynamics of threats in the current world
  • Cyber Awareness and the current threat landscape globally
  • Quick Wins and the Latest Global Update on the Cyber threats
  • Critical questions and corporate governance in Cyber security with relevant statistics

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