Rowland Johnson
Internationalisation Director

Rowland Johnson is the Internationalisation Director of CREST, the not for profit organisation that is driving professionalisation and maturity in the technical cyber security industry.  Rowland is also the founder and CEO of Nettitude an international cyber security company focused on red teaming and sophisticated cyber threat detection and response services.

In Rowland’s role at CREST, he works closely with international governments and regulators to bring about increased levels of capability, capacity and consistency in the Penetration Testing, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Security Operations Centre markets.  Rowland has been integral in creating CREST chapters in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong and has worked closely with government and financial services regulators to achieve these objectives.  Rowland is currently working with Government to support GCC stakeholders build accreditation and certification frameworks across the gulf region.

Rowland has a deep understanding of Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Purple Teaming and SOC maturity.  He is able to talk about this from a government and strategy perspective as well as sharing real-world examples from what is seen in the field.

Rowland talks at many international events, and in March 2017 gave oral evidence to the UK Government National Security Select Committee about the Cyber Threats that are facing critical national resources.  


Incident Response and Security Operations Centre markets

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