Mohamed Omar - MBA, CISM, PMP, ITIL
Principal Consultant
Wombat Security Technologies (US)

With 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Mohamed has managed to gain a very wide spectrum of skills in Software Development, Management, and Information Security Program Development. Mohammed has managed to take many organisations to the state of Information Security Resilience by successfully delivering full programs that covers all business aspects and not just technology.

Forum Topic

State of the Phish - a 360 Degree View

Today’s savvy phisher manages to evade even the most significant safeguards through carefully planned, socially engineered email phishing attacks and are only getting more advanced. And people - your internal users - are the largest and most vulnerable point of entry. Through this session, you will learn more about:

  • Where and how organisations make themselves most vulnerable to phishing attacks
  • How and why end users are vulnerable to phishing and how to address the problem
  • What your peers are doing, whether it is working, and what you should be doing
  • Data and analysis of click and open rates from millions of simulated email phishing campaigns including mobile use in the workplace
  • Who’s most vulnerable, browser and plugin stats, and platform data across industries

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