Michal Jarski
Vice President EMEA & Asia
Wheel Systems (Poland)

Michal Jarski’s career spans many years in IT, especially in IT security. His previous experience includes management positions at Trend Micro, Ruckus Wireless, Check Point, Software Technologies and Internet Security Systems.


Privileged users - the ultimate information security challenge

Did you know that 55% of security breaches were related to privileged accounts misuse, as much as 60% of errors resulted from system administrators mistakes (Source: Verizon “2015 Data Breach Investigation report”). Privileged accounts enable unrestricted access to essential IT resources: main servers, networking equipment or workstations. Lack of control over privileged users is a direct threat to the integrity and security of your data. Moreover taking control over access to privileged accounts by an outsider, can lead to data leaks or a company being compromised.

This is why it is important to know how to manage the entire privileged architecture, including users, accounts and remote sessions.

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