Kalbir Sohi

Co-Founder & CEO
Drie (UK)

Kalbir Sohi is the CEO of drie, a startup focused on making it easy to build secure services on the cloud. Before that he was head of cloud platforms at HMRC, the UK Government Tax Department, where he built the Tax Platform, a scalable cloud platform that runs the personal and business tax accounts for all UK taxpayers. A long time ago he did a PhD in philosophy.


 How the UK tax department used the cloud to deliver secure online services (Learn from a Case Study)

In organisations you often find that security people are seen as the blockers, the department of "no". Security is about locking down and stopping things. But there is another way. The tools and culture of DevOps give us a blueprint for how security can become an enabler of innovative projects.

Kalbir Sohi, CEO of drie, was responsible for building and managing HM Revenue & Customs’s internal platform as a service. He will talk about how he used automation, cloud, empathy and checklists to help move HMRC from delivering two-year waterfall projects to six-week agile processes.

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