Cyber Defence - The How and What?

  • Date: 18/5/2017
  • Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Management
  • IT Professionals
  • Information Security Professionals
  • IT Auditors

Ever wonder how the hackers get in, or what they do once they have infiltrated a network? We will show you just that. Join us for demos of various types of attacks that are both malware and non-malware based.

Find about the most common but complex cyber-attack facing the industry today. Learn how you can stop these types of attacks before they start and what you can do to prevent a malware free intrusion. Join us for an inside look and strategy session on stopping breaches before they begin.

This one day training course on Cyber Threats and security will allow you to look at the risks your company faces and work on a strategy to reduce these. At the end of this course you will be able to take the next steps in deciding on an IT security strategy suited to your company.

The training is based on multiple case studies to provide insights to how actual attacks have happened and what defense strategies could have been adopted to mitigate them beforehand.

  • Introduction
  • Cyber Security Overview
  • Details of Shamoon2
  • Cyber Underworld Introduction
  • Consequences of Security Attacks – Revisit
  • Types of Threats and their motives
  • How To Defend The Vault
  • Details of defence mechanism
    • People
    • Process
    • Technology
  • Security Assessment Activities
  • Conclusion