Expert Profile

Oli Harris
Head of Crypto-Assets Strategy and Quorum
J.P. Morgan

Oli Harris is Head of Crypto-Assets Strategy and Quorum. In this role, Oli is responsible for developing a comprehensive, crypto-assets strategy and portfolio of projects that can be taken to market. He also leads the strategy and execution for Quorum, the firm's distributed ledger and smart contract platform.

Previously, he was Head of FinTech and In–Residence at J.P. Morgan. Prior to working at J.P. Morgan; he worked for the Office of Tony Blair as an Advisor to the President's Office of Myanmar, was a Project Manager at the World Economic Forum where he led their New Energy Architecture Initiative, and was a Strategy Consultant at Accenture.

Oli is a passionate design thinker, having spent time at Stanford’s, and is particularly interested in the space between large corporates and emerging companies to generate real outcomes. He is a mentor at selected accelerators and a member of Allen & Overy’s advisory board for their Fuse innovation program. Oli is a graduate of Cambridge University.