Expert Profile

Murtaza Amirali
Founder & CTO
Data Pillar, Squarera, Legalytics

Murtaza Amirali is the Founder & CTO of Data Pillar & Head of Blockchain & AI for Squarera, London-based companies that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain & Big Data solution. He is also the Cofounder & CTO of Legalytics, delivering AI solution to solve business problems in legal space for multi national law firms.

Murtaza specializes in mentoring entrepreneurs, technology, innovation and organizational design. Murtaza is responsible for exploring and exploiting new technologies to further improve products integration, including Cross Channel Marketing, Digital SCV, Analytics and Technology revamp includes data advancements. He aims to create cutting edge data driven products that are more user friendly, real-time, reduce build cost and increase revenue.

Murtaza’s work outlines a framework for understanding data-driven decision making. He understands the capabilities of AI but also the future challenges and opportunities for AI, and how and why we need to embrace these emerging technologies in Banking & Financial services.