Trading & Financial Market Analysis

Professional Trading with Global Market Leaders

Alongside growing trading operations in London and New York, Amplify Trading has built a reputation as the leader for trader development across the globe.

Amplify Trading renowned financial market training is used to develop traders at financial corporations such as HSBC, Citigroup, Barclays, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank and Pictet Asset management.

In 2015, Amplify was awarded the CFA Global Award for Innovation in Financial Education and the Education Investor awards in 2015.

These institutions all recognise the value of our approach to market experience training.

This course is designed specifically to cover the trading of equity indices, commodities and FX.
Phase I is delivered in Bahrain at the state of the art trading desk at BIBF.
Trainees will have the option to continue onto Phase II & III on successful completion of Phase I.

Clear Learning Objectives for Professional Trading

As you progress through five days of intensive training in Bahrain, each theory session is immediately followed by application of that theory on your own trading desk with live market prices.

  • Develop a deep fundamental understanding of today’s financial markets in order to trade across all asset classes in response to breaking financial news and analysis.
  • Gain first-hand experience in the importance of behavioural finance and trading psychology within an environment of uncertainty and risk.
  • Learn to understand and analyse financial markets by applying advanced technical analysis techniques across multiple asset classes.
  • Apply mentoring support and advice from experienced traders at Amplify Trading as they continuously monitor your performance and progression.
  • Understand how to take advantage of contemporary news events and market volatility.
  • Create a base of experience and knowledge on which to build continued improvement for your trading on completion of the programme.

Learn how to trade with consistency from some of the most respected names in the industry.

All candidates receive a heat-map of their performance as they progress through the programme to ensure they are well placed to continue trading with a funded account.

Progression Route of Trading & Financial Market Analysis

Five evening sessions

Day 1: Overview

  • Theory: Global market overview I Introduction to technical analysis | Order execution strategies
  • Trading: Getting to know the professional trading platform | Profit and stop targets

Day 2: Equities

  • Theory: Trading Equities | International equity market correlations | Advanced technical analysis
  • Trading: Trade across live international equity markets applying technical analysis taught

Day 3: Oil & Gas

  • Theory: Trading Commodities | Advanced study of the oil and gas value chain | Trading OPEC news
  • Trading: Add global oil futures to your portfolio and apply arbitrage strategies across related commodity futures

Day 4: FX

  • Theory: Trading FX | Monetary policy study | Central bank divergence | Major and minor FX
  • Trading: Add global currency pairs to portfolio and execute trades based on central bank divergence

Day 5: Risk

  • Theory: Trading psychology and behavioural finance | Risk management in market volatility
  • Trading: Candidates trading with increased size across all assets to explore behavioural pressures on performance

Phase I Certification

Three weeks

  • Join the Live Trading Room: Receive news and analysis live from the trading floor in London as you continue to apply the trading techniques learned
  • Continued Learning: Traders develop with advanced lectures and content delivered from London through the online portal
  • Risk Support: Amplify mentors will continue to be on-hand, to help with the challenges faced of risk managing risk in live prices
  • Trading Community: Share ideas and discussion with Amplify’s team of experienced traders as you continue to broaden your market knowledge

Phase II Certification

Three weeks

At the start of the third phase, traders move on to the live markets with fully funded accounts provided by Amplify Trading, receiving 60% of their profitable activity on that account.

With up to $22,000 margin initially available, traders will move live on their best performing proiducts during Phase II. Surrounded by our most senior live traders and joining our head of trading in daily market reviews, candidates will be in the best possible place to advance their trading career.

As our live traders continue to develop, their size, leverage and assets traded are increased in accordance with performance and all profitable traders are asked to continue to trade with Amplify after Phase III.

Phase III Certification

Strategic Partner

Founded in 2009 by HSBC trader Piers Curran, Amplify built a team of traders to execute short-term macroeconomic strategies in the post-crisis era of global market volatility.

Placing the highest value on the development of its traders, Amplify has created a ground breaking approach to capital markets trading, now integral to many of the world’s largest financial institutions.

With a connection to our trading floor in London, this world class programme is simply the best place to start your financial trading career and all candidates receive full certification after each phase of                                                               their training.

Please follow the detail given by our partners BIBF to register for this unique opportunity to develop your trading with Amplify Trading.