Fixed Income Management


The aim of this course is to provide students with knowledge and understanding of fixed income instruments and their valuation methods. It also discusses the risks inherent in these securities and their measurement.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of fixed income securities
  • Describe terminology associated with bonds
  • Discuss the concept of duration and convexity in the context of risks
  • Demonstrate the relationship between yields and bonds
  • Analyse the immunisation process
  • Understanding bonds and bond terminology
  • Relationship between yields and bond prices
  • Duration and interest rate risk
  • Convexity and immunisation

Investment bankers, management trainees, portfolio managers, bank managers, treasury staff, credit analysts/accounts officers, fund managers, and financial controllers.

Prerequisite knowledge for the course may be obtained through prior certified learning or experiential learning at the workplace.  Please consult with your line manager, training manager or equivalent in order to ensure conformity to BIBF’s pre-requisites. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they meet the pre-requisites before registering for a course.

Where the knowledge has been obtained other than through the stated BIBF course, BIBF may require candidates to take and pass a pre-course assessment in order to be enrolled into the course.

This course will be based on a case study approach, excel-based applications and exercises.  Participants are also expected to complete an additional 5 hours of self-study.

Note: This course is examinable

Duration: 3 Days (5 hours per day) with the exam on the final day

Date:       8-10 Oct

Lecturers: BIBF Faculty

Fees: Member Organisations

  • GCC Nationals: Covered by Levy
  • Other Nationalities: BHD 75

Fees: Non-Member Organisations

  • All Nationalities: BHD 300


A calculator is required for this course.

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