Derivatives - Level 2


Derivatives are described as “off-balance sheet” products because unlike the cash markets there is typically no exchange of the principal amount of the asset or liability involved. Derivatives Level 2 builds on the Derivatives Level 1 course and will enhance participants’ understanding of the derivatives market and help to master complex hedging techniques.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define Option Strategies
  • Define Swaps
  • Define Interest Rate Options (Caps, Floors, Collars) and their uses
  • Calculate the settlement amount of the Futures, value of swaps to each party

Derivatives including:

  • Swaps
  • Option Strategies
  • Interest rate options

Traders with more than two years of experience in treasury, senior foreign exchange & money market traders, senior derivatives traders, investment & capital market department officers, middle office and treasury operations officers, senior risk managers, senior corporate department staff who use derivatives to hedge their clients’ foreign exchange & interest rate risk, legal advisers and lawyers, senior officers (corporations) who need to broaden their knowledge with advanced hedging tools, and derivatives system developers.

Participants are expected to have a considerable background in fundamental mathematics and completed Derivatives Level 1 (GBO169).

This course consists of lectures, discussions, in-class exercises and multiple-choice questions. Participants are also expected to complete an additional 5 hours of self-study.

Note: This course is examinable

Duration: 3 Days (5 hours per day) with the exam on the final day

Date:       31 Oct - 2 Nov

Lecturers: BIBF Faculty

Fees: Member Organisations

  • GCC Nationals: Covered by Levy
  • Other Nationalities: BHD 75

Fees: Non-Member Organisations

  • All Nationalities: BHD 300

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