Certificate in Investor Relations (CIRO)

About the Programme

The CIRO programme is an internationally recognised certification programme for the investor relations profession. In the Middle East, the programme is organised and delivered by the Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA), in partnership with the UK IR Society (UKIRS).

The Certificate in Investor Relations is regarded as a valuable benchmark for those already in the profession and an essential prerequisite for those seeking to work in the investor relations sector. With over 1,500 successful candidates from more than 25 countries, the Certificate in IR is firmly established as a leading IR qualification worldwide.

Obtaining the Certificate in IR:

  • Provides international recognition as a qualified IR practitioner
  • Demonstrates expertise and competence in your field
  • Enhances career development

The CIRO programme is in 2 parts: a 3 full days of IR training session and a 1-hour paper-based Exam. Once you attend the training and pass the Exam you will receive the Certificate in Investor Relations, approved by both UKIRS and MEIRA.

The Training Content

The delegates will cover the following points with the trainer during training course:

  • Introduction to Investor Relations
  • The role of investor relations
  • Why companies need IR
  • What makes a successful IR function
  • The scope of IR
  • Global financial markets
  • How do equity markets work
  • Equity investors
  • Debt investors
  • Introduction to company regulation and requirements
  • Statutory and financial reporting calendar
  • Introduction and principles
  • Market abuse
  • Listing rules
  • Disclosure and transparency rules
  • Corporate governance
  • Takeover rules
  • Periodic financial reporting
  • Regulatory announcements
  • Summary of the United States (US) regulations
  • Time value of money
  • Cost of capital
  • Risk vs return
  • Introduction to valuation methods & financial analysis
  • Demystifying company accounts
  • Portfolio theory
  • Key financial ratios
  • IR audiences
  • IR advisors
  • Internal relationships
  • Knowing your shareholders
  • Understanding disclosure obligations
  • Communications tools and techniques
  • Measuring the value of IR
  • Trends in International IR