BIBF Today

Announcement Date : Oct 1 , 2017

Today, the BIBF is recognised as a professional world-class provider of education and training solutions to the local and regional business sector, in their pursuit of excellence through lifelong learning.

BIBF has over 400 programmes on offer in a range of specialist areas of expertise and  provides an extensive range of globally recognised professional qualifications.



The BIBF also provides Assessment and Development, and Research services. Distinct from the specialist centres, these functions add considerable opportunity to those looking for coaching or individual capability / testing screening, as well as research collaborations in areas of mutual interest to the banking and financial services sector.

The BIBF is a multilingual, multicultural organisation with exceptional faculty, most of whom hold internationally recognised professional and academic qualifications, along with extensive market experience. We are committed to hiring, developing and enhancing the careers of Bahraini nationals, both students and our staff members.

Due to its unique structure, the BIBF is able to provide participants with lifelong learning, from an undergraduate level to programmes offering professional and academic mastery – an incomparable incubator for world-class learning and development.