Lamya Ebrahim AlEbrahim is a Manager at the Academic Centre in BIBF. She joined the BIBF in 2014 and is responsible for the academic postgraduate program (DePaul Unviersity). She is a lecturer that covers various topics such as Business Ethics, and Business Management & Finance.

Lamya also has board level expertise as she is also the Board Secretary of Silah Gulf Bahrain, a government owned company that manages the National Contact Center.

Prior to joining BIBF, Lamya worked at the Bahrain eGovernment Authority handling international relations at the CEO's office mainly promoting public services offered in Bahrain globally as well as organizing international events at a national and an international level.

Lamya also worked at the Kingdom of Bahrain's Embassy and UN Permanent Mission in Geneva and at the INTERPOL HQ in Lyon at the Middle East and North Africa department.

Lamya has a BS degree in Political Science Studies and a Master's degree in Communications from The Paris Institute of Political Studies, Sciences Po.